Life Expectancy of Electrical Appliances

Household electrical appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, ovens and dishwashers, can last decades but when they do stop working, a common question that gets asked is, repair or replace?
To help make this decision a bit easier, in this month’s Bright Solutions Newsletter, we take a look at the life expectancy of some common household electrical appliances.

If you are wondering just how long you should expect your household appliance to last, consider the following table1,2:

Electrical Appliance Average Life Expectancy
Microwave 5-9 years
Air Conditioner 8-10 years
Dishwasher 8-10 years
Dryer 10-13 years
Hot Water System 10-13 years
Washing Machine 10-13 years
Electric Oven 13-15 years
Fridge 13-15 years

Keep in mind that the life expectancy listed here is a guide. This can depend on the model and brand of appliance and also how often it is used.

When your appliance does break down, always remember to check whether it is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty or if you purchased an extended warranty. This simple but vital step can often eliminate any decision to repair or replace.

It is also important to check whether your appliance has been recalled. Recalled appliances may simply stop working sooner than expected however, some recalled appliances may also pose a safety risk when they stop working. The Product Safety Recall website may be a useful tool to check if your appliance has been recalled.

 Stay Tuned.… In next month’s Bright Solutions Newsletter we share with you some tips to help maximise the life expectancy of some common household appliances.

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