Hot Water System Troubleshooting Tips

We often forget just how much we depend on our hot water system for daily activities like showering, cooking and washing up, until it fails. Getting stuck with cold water usually happens at the most inconvenient of times, however there may be some early warning signs that your electric hot water system may need replacement before it’s too late. This month we share with you our Top 5 Electrical Hot Water System Troubleshooting Tips– just in case you get into hot water… or in this case, cold water…

1. Electrical Fault in Switch Board

A common cause of no hot water is a blown fuse or tripped hot water circuit. If you look in the switchboard there should be a fuse or circuit breaker labelled “Hot Water” or “HWS”. If the hot water switch is in the “off” position, something must have caused the electrical fault, so contact a reliable electrician to investigate further as faulty wiring can be dangerous.If the switch is still in the “on” position there may be issues with the hot water system itself which in this case, you will definitely need to call your electrician.

2. Not Enough Hot Water

There are a few reasons why your HWS may not be producing enough hot water for your needs. It may be simply that you are using too much hot water for the size of your system, which indicates you need to upgrade to a larger size system. However, if your HWS has been functioning properly and you notice a gradual decrease in the temperature of the water, there may be an electrical fault with either the heating element or the thermostat. Because the HWS heating element and thermostat are connected to electricity, you should never attempt to fix these yourself and will need to call an electrician to investigate.

3. Brown Water

Brown water running from the hot water tap could indicate there may be scale, rust or corrosion inside the hot water tank. This requires your plumber to investigate further. It is likely that the elements or the hot water tank require replacement.

4. Leak

It is normal for a HWS to produce some moisture and water as part of the condensation from normal operating conditions. Normally this may look like a small wet patch on the surface near the storage tank. However, if you notice a lot of water around your HWS or there is a continuous water leak (more than a bucket of water in 24 hours), you should switch the system off at the switchboard immediately and contact your local plumber ASAP.

5. Old Age

Sometimes the reason that a household appliance suddenly stops working is purely because it is getting old. On average a HWS will have an expected lifespan of about 10 + years. It is important when your HWS is coming around to this milestone that you check the tank for any signs of rust and corrosion and maybe even consider replacing your HWS before you are caught out.

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