IXL Tastic

Chilly Winter Showers?

As temperatures drop in winter, getting out of the shower can become increasingly chilly. In this month’s newsletter, we showcase an increasingly popular product, the IXL Tastic, which is a perfect solution to keep you warm while you dry off after your shower this winter.

More than 30 years ago, IXL invented the iconic IXL Tastic – a 3 in 1 bathroom heat, vent and light device. This device is easily installed on the ceiling of a bathroom and uses a number of fast-heating infrared heat lamps to provide instantaneous warmth to your body.

These heat lamps only heat your body, not your bathroom, and work best when you stand directly underneath them. This type of heating is considered much safer and more energy efficient compared to traditional bar heaters.

The central part of the device includes a light globe, usually an LED, for general room illumination. Built into the IXL is an exhaust fan which helps keep your bathroom ventilated and steam-free while showering. The IXL can be easily switched with existing bathroom lights and exhaust fans if required.

IXL is proudly Australian made, which means it complies with Australia’s strict quality and safety standards. So with many different designs to suit any bathroom style, be sure to consider an IXL Tastic to keep you warm and comfy after your shower this winter.

We are here to help. If you need would like help in choosing or installing an IXL Tastic for your bathroom, or you would like to book us in for your next electrical project call Bright Solutions Electrical  ph. 3349 6056.